What we do?

ABDA W ANJAZ Transaction Tracking Service ia government-registered private organizations that process all types of Transactions of immigration including work permits, medical fitness checks, Emirates ID, and any type of visa application, replacement, and renewal services.
We not only provides immigration-related services but also arranges business registration, business setup, and consultation services for new companies that are going to establish in the future.
Although most government services in Dubai are available online, not everyone in Dubai knows how effectively use these services.
The government of Dubai has granted licenses to a number of private businesses so they can provide government services to people or organizations in exchange for certain charges. In another word firm that provides public services also refers to the typing center in Dubai.
The payment solution is another reason why residents in Dubai do not use online services even if they are convenient and take a short period.
If you want to make payment against any government services that you are using, you must have a credit or debit card that allows you to make transactions online.
Some restrictions on your bank salary account for making online payments and low-income expatriates residing in Dubai could not get the bank credit card facility.
If you are on a tourist or visit visa and do not have a credit or debit card that is accepted worldwide, you will be unable to pay for your visa extension fee.
If you do not have an employment visa, you cannot utilize any of the other online payment gateways that are locally available in Dubai.


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